The *Complete* Guide to Designing With Faux Brick Wallpaper

The complete guide to designing with faux brick wallpaper

Find out how to pick and style the perfect brick wallpaper to highlight the most treasured spaces in your home. This complete guide will steer your designs in the right course and give you all the details you need to know when it comes to faux brick wallpaper.


• Why is Brick Wallpaper so popular?
• Practical Benefits of Brick Wallpaper
• Brick Wallpaper Styles
○ Rustic Red Brick
○ Chic Contemporary White Brick
○ Bold Black Brick
○ Raw Industrial Brick
○ Historic European Brick
• Most Famous Applications for Brick wallpaper
○ Brick Wallpaper for Bedrooms
○ Brick Wallpaper for Bathrooms
○ Brick Wallpaper for Living rooms
○ Brick wallpaper for Kitchens
○ Brick Wallpaper for Home Offices
○ Brick wallpaper for Foyers

Brick wallpaper is popping up everywhere; from home shows, magazines, and probably every DIY blogger’s blog. It seems like everyone in world is raving over the possibilities that realistic textured wallpaper can achieve. Get all the info you need to know from benefits, styles, and most effective applications. We know you’re itching to get started so let’s get on with it!


Contemporary Faux Brick Industrial Chic White Brick Wall Wallpaper R3704
Contemporary Faux Brick Industrial Chic White Brick Wall Wallpaper R3704



I believe the answer is in the question itself. The whole idea that you can achieve this entirely realistic material effect adds a whole other level of sensory experience to a bedroom, dining room, or whichever space you choose. A brick wall can really define comfort in a home that you can really bond to on a personal level. If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone a little and try something new a rustic brick wall is a great way to go.


Brick Wallpaper is truly a show-stopper in any home. It is a statement in itself and makes a brilliant background that adds contemporary fashion and flair; even without all the finishing décor pieces. Faux brick wallpaper is a timeless and effortlessly chic option for the casual decorator.

Our thicker high-quality wallpapers are so quick and easy to install. Using real brick and mortar for this trendy look can be costly and even back-breaking in terms of application and maintenance. Feature faux brick wallpaper can say a lot with using so little. You get the same atmospheric and aesthetic effects of a traditionally laid brick wall without a permanent commitment. And if you’re looking for a change somewhere down the road, this innovative alternative will save you a lot of time and money that, believe me, you will thank yourself for later.


There are so many colors and designs to choose from; all with unique overalls effects. Not sure which brick wallpaper style to go for? We’re laying out the top 5 styles you need to know for 2016 so you can find the one that fits best.


Marsala Running Brick R2587
Marsala Running Brick R2587


The first style on our list is this rustic and red classic brick wallpaper. Bring warm and gorgeous terra-cotta red brick into your homes for a modern-vintage interior design scheme. The natural color of this red and brown all-star finish will leave your walls feeling calm, cozy, and comfortable. For a softer and more intimate setting, a try a rustic brick wallpaper that will never go out of style.


Washed Brick M8967
Washed Brick M8967


White brick wallpaper is the real MVP of the season. All white contemporary brick wallpaper is super chic and works well with the ever popular minimalist aesthetic. The elegantly textured background is great for all types of décor and furniture. The realistic tonal value creates the illusion of mild embossing that looks just like the real thing! If you are striving for a clean base for your bedroom or living room, contemporary white brick is a subtle way to brighten up a room but still add powerful character.


Slate Running Brick R2590
Slate Running Brick R2590


Are you looking for a darker and edgier style? Bold black brick wallpaper adds great drama to a room for a cool loft vibe. Like white brick, black brick is another popular neutral for the minimalist aesthetic. If you’re looking to tone down a brighter space, black is great for absorbing light and creating balance. The deep tones of this modern brick wallpaper pairs well with natural wood or even metallic furniture – talk about trend on trend on trend. For a focused and sophisticated look, you can’t go wrong with black brick wallpaper.


Scraped Bricks M9222
Scraped Bricks M9222


We want the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Raw industrial brick wallpaper does just that! We love how the naturally worn out finish of this light grey industrial brick wallpaper provides a sense of honesty and truthfulness. The scrapes and scratches of this lofty brick wallpaper give an overall rugged unfinished look. There is just the right amount of wear and tear to create subtle depth and texture.


Historic Brick M8994
Historic Brick M8994


Infuse rich culture into your home with this historic European brick wallpaper. Feel like you’re walking through the streets and exploring hidden nooks that you’ve never seen before. This 3-D wallpaper tells an old age tale with all its intricate details down to the last inch. This old English bond brick wallpaper looks just like a structural brick masonry wall that has stood the test of time. Liven up your dining rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms with this historic weathered brick wallpaper.

If you would like to browse for more selection, you can find a handful of artisan brick wallpapers and murals here.



Here are a few example brick wallpaper applications to get those creative juices flowing. It is important to consider your space before choosing where to install your faux brick wallpaper. Try to visualize the outcome of the brick in your space. Imagine color, style, placement and how it will all work itself seamlessly together with the existing surroundings. If you need some help, Walls Republic’s sample program makes this process easier for you as well.


Brick Heart M9240
Brick Heart M9240


For strong bedroom design with a brick wallpaper, try creating a focal point behind a head board or dresser that holds all your favorite collected trinkets to draw in your attention. You want to pick a “happy place” for your textured finish that will resonate with you to make that place your own.


Tan Running Brick R2591
Tan Running Brick R2591


If you have a bit more room to work with in your bathroom and a fairly lit space you can draw inspiration from this set up. Natural light really brings a faux brick wall to life creating even greater shade and shadow. We love how the wall warms up an open bathroom that might seem cold and bare otherwise.


Contemporary Faux Brick Industrial Chic White Brick Wall Wallpaper R3704
Contemporary Faux Brick Industrial Chic White Brick Wall Wallpaper R3704


Here is a real time example of a living room transformation using contemporary white brick wallpaper by DIY Passion. The white embossed brick mirage really brightens up the room and you can hardly tell that it is wallpaper!


Marsala Running Brick R2587
Marsala Running Brick R2587


Look at the stunning range of reds in this Marsala running brick wallpaper! We love how the natural green is complimented by the traditional red brick design to really make the table set up pop. If you’re looking to build some home style character you will really enjoy this wallpaper option. A rustic red brick can make your dining space a gazillion times more intimate and impressive for all your dinner guests.


Contemporary Faux Brick Industrial Chic White Brick Wall Wallpaper R3704
Contemporary Faux Brick Industrial Chic White Brick Wall Wallpaper R3704


Crafty Little Gnome created this studio office space and freshened it up with a contemporary white brick. Adrienne made the desk work space the grand focal point and the realistic wallpaper really defines the area. If you have an excess of office work or supplies that seems to grow exponentially throughout the week, chic white brick wallpaper is great for keeping your space looking stylish and clutter free.


Historic Brick M8994
Historic Brick M8994


Foyers are probably one of our favorite niches to add realistic modern brick wallpaper. The asymmetrically weathered brick instantly greets with a warm and welcoming surprise right from the get-go; a true “welcome home”! It makes for a creative seam between the interior and the exterior of your home.

Even a brick wants to be something quote by Louis Kahn
Grey Running Brick R2588

We hope you learned a lot from this in-depth guide to designing with faux brick wallpaper. You can find some amazing 3-D brick finishes in either wallpaper or mural form at You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest in wallpaper trends.

Happy Wallpapering!